Welcome at TCG!

We are very plea­sed that you visit us on our inter­net appearance. On our pages you will find ever­ything about who and what TCG is, what we do and offer. We are convin­ced that you will find exactly what you sought-after for a long time.

Think differ­ently – consul­ting unlike others?

What that means? As simple as that – we stand out from the crowd of busi­ness consul­tants, because we do not only think in figu­res or accord­ing to the book. No, we do not run after every new manage­ment trend released in two year cylces. Do you want to now more?
You will find addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion on our page about our enter­prise philo­so­phy.

Our services

Here you find a short over­view about our main service offers:

Of course we provide much more than we want to bother you with at this point. You will find more infor­ma­tion in the divi­si­ons above.