Welcome at TCG!

We are very pleased that you visit us on our internet appearance. On our pages you will find everything about who and what TCG is, what we do and offer. We are convinced that you will find exactly what you sought-after for a long time.

Think differently – consulting unlike others?

What that means? As simple as that – we stand out from the crowd of business consul­tants, because we do not only think in figures or according to the book. No, we do not run after every new manage­ment trend released in two year cylces. Do you want to now more?
You will find additional infor­ma­tion on our page about our enter­prise philo­sophy.

Our services

Here you find a short overview about our main service offers:

Of course we provide much more than we want to bother you with at this point. You will find more infor­ma­tion in the divisions above.