Commu­ni­ca­tion training

Espe­cially in today’s world, commu­ni­ca­tion is one of the most important topics, both in society and in busi­ness. Our many years of expe­ri­ence in this field can help you to cope with a wide variety of problems or to improve busi­ness proces­ses. There are two expli­cit areas which have to be distin­guis­hed from each other:

1. commu­ni­ca­tion within the company
2. exter­nal commu­ni­ca­tion with custo­mers and suppliers

In both areas we offer you various services, which we would like to briefly explain to you in the following:

1. inter­nal company communication

  • In the case of seemin­gly unsolva­ble conflicts between two or more employees or even depart­ments, we offer you the possi­bi­lity of media­tion. The aim here is to create a secure frame­work for the parties concer­ned in which an amica­ble and above all self-deter­mi­ned conflict reso­lu­tion can be worked out.
  • Anot­her aspect of inter­nal company commu­ni­ca­tion is employee leaders­hip and moti­va­tion. You have certainly often heard of so-called moti­va­tion semi­nars, where someone yells “Tschaka” or some­thing like that. This is not our métier, rather we offer you trai­nings on the topic of under­stan­ding and part­ners­hip commu­ni­ca­tion from human to human.

2. exter­nal communication

  • We train your employees in dealing with custo­mers and suppliers at various levels of commu­ni­ca­tion. It is not only about enga­ging verbally with the respec­tive coun­ter­part but also about the inner atti­tude and the compre­hen­sive under­stan­ding of all forms of communication.
  • You receive repeatedly comp­laints from custo­mers who are dissa­tis­fied with your service and above all criti­cize the cour­tesy or lack of empa­thy of your employees. We will help you to improve this by trai­ning your employees in both language and service attitudes.
  • Your current sales or distri­bu­tion staff is not able to repre­sent the company posi­tively and success­fully. We show your team how it can be convin­cing in appearance as well as in a perso­nal conver­sa­tion. This also inclu­des trai­ning on non-verbal commu­ni­ca­tion and body language as well as argu­men­ta­tion techniques.

After a trai­ning with us your employees will be better equip­ped to reco­gnize the problems, desi­res and needs of their respec­tive coun­ter­part and to deal with them in all areas. As a precau­tion we would like to point out that we are not mira­cle healers and cannot promise you any tempo­ral or even exactly quan­ti­fia­ble results in advance.

The various approa­ches to solu­ti­ons and necessary measu­res are as diffe­rent as the problems. There­fore, we can only deve­lop an indi­vi­dual concept toge­ther with you and help you to imple­ment it. Howe­ver, it can also mean that you as an entre­pre­neur or respon­si­ble person may also have to make chan­ges to the frame­work conditions.