Creative problem solving

Do you know the saying, “not to see the wood for the trees”?

This is a very often encoun­tered problem, which mostly can only be solved with the view from the outside. Over the years a so called routine-blind­ness creeps into the daily business and certain workflows are not questioned, because they have always been that way or alter­na­tives are utterly unknown. This is where TCG as an outside viewer comes into play and presents new perspec­tives and solutions.

Thereby it is not exclu­si­vely about solving existing problems, which have been identi­fied as such, but possibly it may be the first step to identify if and that there even is a problem or how and where an impro­ve­ment is feasible. Of course I could brag about my above avarage IQ and point out my ability to capture complex issues/​processes and simplify them, but this would not convince you.

Since this is a special métier of mine (Tugberk Tasören), I will perso­nally make you an offer you can’t refuse:

If I cannot solve a certain problem or make no suggestion for improvement, which is economically feasible, you do not have to pay any honorarium – except my expenses!