Manage­ment consulting

Our main focus concer­ning manage­ment consul­ting is the service depart­ment. TCG helps you to improve the custo­mer services of your company sustainably. Ther­eby it does not matter, in which service-level you see the problem. This could be the back office, as well as it may be in the direct custo­mer contact. To mention only two, i. e. it could be the comp­laints manage­ment or a service hotline.

TCG is in parti­cu­lar focus­sed on this topic because the custo­mer services are often the most proble­ma­tic depart­ments with back­logs. Of course the deve­lo­p­ment of new products and consu­mer services has to be consi­de­red as a part of the custo­mer services in order to prevent mismatching the needs of custo­mers. The unpre­ce­den­ted era of “banana products”, which ripen at the custo­mers, is over!

Today’s custo­mers again set value on quality and conve­ni­ence of products and assuming an adequate service is also willing to spend more money for some­thing that promi­ses the fulfilm­ent of their requi­re­ments and needs. Of course that does not mean, that he will loose the price-perfor­mance ratio out of sight, but the slogan “greed is good” was a bitterly regret­ted marke­ting mistake.

TCG will help you to explore the market, shows you new ways to get in touch with your custo­mers and coming to improtant decisi­ons, which may be signi­fi­cant for your entre­pre­neu­rial future. We do not want to narrow down our fields of busi­ness acti­vi­ties without any need, but we will frankly state, whether we are able to master your request or not. So it may occur, that we have to decline your request in thanks, because we are not simi­larly specia­li­sed in every area of exper­tise. Being honest enough to admit it we can refer you to quali­fied part­ners if necessary.

A brief excerpt from our fields of busi­ness activities:

  • Product consul­ting for first and further development
  • Busi­ness process opti­miz­a­tion of intern work­flows within administration
  • Marke­ting campai­gns for image impro­ve­ment and intro­duc­tion on the market
  • Initia­tion, (re-) orga­niz­a­tion and opera­tion of a custo­mer services department
  • Consul­tancy for imple­men­ta­tion of new commu­ni­ca­tion and data proces­sing systems
  • Marke­ting (re-) orga­niz­a­tion and/​or connec­tion of sales force in the field with office staff

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