Our services

In this depart­ment of our internet presence, you will find the diffe­rent catego­ries, in which TCG as a consul­ting and service provider offers diverse attain­ments to you. Within the catego­ries, we provide elabo­rate infor­ma­tion concer­ning our miscel­la­neous service offers.

You will surely be under­stan­ding, that we cannot give detailed infor­ma­tion about the prices, since the premises can differ signi­fi­cantly as the cases arises and we always make effort to calcu­late indivi­dual offers. Solely about our (travel) expenses we can an and want to give explicit Infor­ma­tion, so you may receive an impres­sion in advance, that we are true to our word:

  1. Travels within greater Berlin (up to 100 Km from centre):
    cost free
  2. Travels per 100 km distance from Berlin and parts thereof:
    100 EUR
    We allways round down to full 100 km (please see No. 1).
    All local trans­fers are included in this per diem rate.
  3. Overnight costs per night (in excess a distance of 250 km):
    75 EUR
    In case of a several days lasting assing­ments, it may also
    be favourable to stay in excess a distance of 100 km.

Do you not think, that these costs are calcu­latet simple, reasonable and compre­hen­sible? Of course you are free to care for our travel and lodging by yourself – in case you have a business jet and guest­house at your disposal, we will not get in your way organi­sing an alter­na­tive. Surely we would be very greatfull, for board at your staff canteen, if available.