Various services for foreign compa­nies in Germany

TCG also provi­des various services in Germany for compa­nies from abroad, here we espe­cially want to address Turkish firms. It can be a fairly diffi­cult under­ta­king to orient oneself abroad. Acting on foreign terrain with others having the home field advan­tage on their side, can cause a lot of problems to which oneself is unac­cus­to­med to “at home”. Begin­ning with the foreign language to an unac­quain­ted culture with parti­ally diffe­ring manners and customs up to the point of diffe­rent legal requirements.

Here we offer the appro­priate and necessary help and assi­s­tance, to succeed in your busi­ness in Germany too. Begin­ning from very basic services like passive recom­men­da­tion of travel and lodging possi­bi­li­ties in reli­able coöpe­ra­tion with travel agen­cies up to provi­ding active assi­s­tance with ente­ring the German market. The Turkish roots of the CEO in combi­na­tion with the native spea­ker and foreign language compe­tence of the assi­gned person­nel for these services are of great value for compa­nies from abroad.

What we can do for you:

  • We would be plea­sed to recom­mend travel agen­cies and hotels on site, if you want to visit Germany. TCG is neit­her a tour opera­tor nor a travel agent, but consi­ders itself to be an advi­sor and coope­ra­tes with quali­fied part­ners in this business.
  • TCG provi­des you a quali­fied chape­rone, who has know­ledge of place and assists you or your staff with language issues as well as nego­tia­ti­ons on fair visits, events and busi­ness meetings. These chape­ro­nes do not act as certi­fied inter­pre­ters, which provide pure trans­la­tion services.
  • TCG can help you ente­ring the German market and may i. e. initi­ally act as a distri­bu­tor or contact person for your company, in order to explore the market econo­mi­c­ally favoura­ble to make a decision about laun­ching a branch office or not. We would also be plea­sed to assist you with a plan­ned company foun­da­tion in Germany or estab­li­shing your branch office in coöpe­ra­tion with our compe­tent partners.