TCG – personally

My name is Tugberk Tasoe­ren and as the owner I am respon­si­ble for the enter­prise philo­so­phy of TCG as well as its strict abidance. TCG acts in the mean­time exclu­si­vely as a consul­ting company, that makes it a rule to advise compa­nies in a manner which is rarely found in these days.

What distin­guis­hes me from others? First of all, I think nothing of only hand­ling with figu­res and loosing sight of the people beyond these. Entre­pre­neurs­hip has to be concer­ned with expe­ri­an­ces and people. There­fore you will be atten­ded perso­nally at TCG and will not be confron­ted with diffe­rent consul­tants every few days.

You do not under­stand Gobble­dy­gook? Neit­her do we, we will talk English to you and if necessary also German or Turkisch, but always clear and under­stan­di­ble. You have a Problem? We will do anything, to find a reason­able and adequate solu­tion for you.
Problems are solu­ti­ons in gift packa­ges, we will help you to unpack them.

“Problems can never be solved with the same way of thin­king, which caused them.”
*Albert Einstein

As the mana­ger, I set a high value on the fact, that TCG only works with quali­fied part­ners and person­nell. You will be served by fully-fled­ged experts. I perso­nally warrant for this quality stan­dard, in order to guaran­tee our custo­mers an opti­mal consul­tancy accord­ing to their indi­vi­dual requi­re­ments. In order that you can see, that I know what I am talking about, I want to intro­duce myself in the following:

  • Name:
    Tugberk Tasoeren
  • Func­tion:
    Owner and CEO
  • Profes­sio­nal education:
    CCI-exami­ned insurance mana­ger and banker
  • Specia­list trai­ning /​upskil­ling:
    CCI-exami­ned expert advi­ser for finan­cial services
  • Acade­mic studies:
    Bache­lor of Busi­ness Admi­nis­tra­tion at the Berlin School of Econo­mics and Law
  • Profes­sio­nal career:
    • Working since 1994 in the finan­cial service sector
    • 1997 – 2002 Working in the field as a self-employed port­fo­lio mana­ger for the DKV – German Health Insurance and the ERGO-GROUP
    • Since 2002 inde­pen­dent multi­ple agent and owner of TCG
    • Since foun­ding TCG my profes­sio­nal focus more and more began to shift from finan­cial services towards manage­ment consultancy.
    • On 01.01.2008 I gave up the insurance busi­ness completely
      and exclu­si­vely work as a manage­ment consul­tant and trainer.