TCG – historcally

In 2002 TCG was origi­nally foun­ded as a multi­ple agency for finan­cial services, which commit­ted itself to to provide opti­mal consul­tancy with having in mind the best advice for its custo­mers. From the begin­ning our enter­prise philo­so­phy was to put the concerns of our custo­mers at first place of the thin­king and acting of all the part­ners and employees.

Over the years the inqui­ries of our custo­mers for addi­tio­nal consul­tancy services incre­a­sed, such as assi­s­tance in imple­men­ting the service stan­dards of TCG within their own compa­nies and commu­ni­ca­tion trai­nings for the staffs of the firms which we serviced. TCG has also made several achie­ve­ments in the field of media­tion and conflict counselling.

Anot­her segment of TCG’s acti­vi­ties is provi­ding crea­tive problem solu­ti­ons and deve­lo­ping new ideas, which is rather based on a special talent than on acqui­red skills or learnable know­ledge. This compo­nent of busi­ness consul­tancy in parti­cu­lar distin­guis­hes TCG and sets us apart from a multi­tude of compe­ti­tors, which cannot provide this very special service.

By and by our scope of acti­vi­ties shifted more and more to the field of busi­ness consul­tancy. This deve­lo­p­ment of TCG and the chan­ges from bad to worse within the legal frame­work of the finan­cial services sector, espe­cially for the custo­mers, confir­med our decision to give up the busi­ness segment of finan­cial advi­sory and insurance broking completely.

From the 01 Janu­ary 2008 on TCG exclu­si­vely acts as a busi­ness consul­tant and provi­der of several services for compa­nies of any size and in any branch of trade. As a matter of course we still offer consul­tancy in terms of finan­cial advice and may bring you in contact with good and repu­ta­ble contrac­tors if needed, but we do not act as a broker anymore. For detailed infor­ma­tion about our offers and the services wie provide we recom­mend to visit our sites about Services.