Our enter­prise philosophy

This is a topic where the wheat is sepa­ra­ted from the chaff. Regrett­ably, a culture of call­ous­ness and acqui­si­ti­ve­ness has taken over in the past few years, which not only causes social problems, but is also econo­mi­c­ally disadvantageous.

TCG will sure enough not act the mora­li­ser, but we stand for certain stan­dards which we consi­der as funda­men­tal in inter­ac­tion with people, as well with custo­mers as with employees. Espe­cially the people are in the centre of consi­de­ra­tion in our consul­tancy and not only the plain data.

Busi­ness consul­tancy has gained more and more weight over the past years in the light of an incre­a­singly complex world which makes great demands on entre­pre­neurs. It is not easy to live up to these expec­ta­ti­ons and some­ti­mes makes it necessary to call for exter­nal help. Ther­eby it is important not to loose the own iden­tity and not to make oneself addic­ted to exter­nal influences.

Busi­ness consul­tancy today:

In these days busi­ness consul­tancy mostly means that you contact one of the big play­ers in the consul­tancy sector and call for help in gene­ral or ask for a special service you need. There are specia­lists for ever­ything which of course are avail­able at an exor­bi­tant price. In most of the cases you are then faced with a gaggle of so called experts, who of course only travel busi­ness or even first class and only reside in four or five star hotels.

You have to face a five-digit bill of expen­ses before these people have even done anything to help you anyway. Excee­din­gly absurd does it get, when you are confron­ted with youngs­ters at the age of at most 25, whose main occup­a­tion prior beeing an expert has been to be a full-time son/​daughter. They studied with daddies hard-won fortune and obtai­ned a pheno­me­nal Master’s degree because they never had to work them­sel­ves. This enor­mous expe­ri­ence of life then beco­mes the inevi­ta­ble fate of the hard working people employed at the miscoun­se­led companies.

After a howsoever natu­red audit has been carried out over the past three months (to put it simply and under­stand­a­ble for ever­y­body: to have a look at the status and iden­tify the problem), the entre­pre­neur will be mostly told, how many employees he must fire, to bring the company (back) on the road to success. Into the bargain every two years they pant after an new trend or a revo­lu­tio­nary theory, which makes not worth a toss for today what still was good and appro­priate for yester­day. In this manner they also safe­guard and gene­rate follow-up orders for the future.

So what divi­des TCG from the rest?

We have the good of our custo­mers in the centre of our thoughts an minds. Our utmost concern, also in our self-inte­rest, is that you are perfectly satis­fied and get the best advice, to solve your indi­vi­dual problems based on long term consi­de­ra­ti­ons. In doing so we even do not only look at the facts and figu­res but include the people in all our consi­de­ra­ti­ons, let them parti­ci­pate, in order to achieve success in partnership.

Begin­ning with the proprie­tor all person­nel and part­ners of TCG are down-to-earth, so you do not have to expect horren­dous notes of expen­ses which burden your valu­able budget. We travel and lodge econo­mi­c­ally advan­ta­ge­ous, if it is inevi­ta­ble that we have to travel at all. Yes, we also will take money from you, howe­ver not only for our atten­dance but for our actual attain­ment we deli­ver you. It is often said: “You get what you pay for!” Of course, since the death is also not for free, but we want to let you live on for a while.

TCG is fast, crea­tive and most of all effec­tive! We also analyse your situa­tion accu­rately and grasp your indi­vi­dual problem speci­fic with the view from outside the box. Ther­eby it is impe­ra­tive for us, to find the best possi­ble but also the most compre­hen­si­ble solu­tion for all parties invol­ved in the process. Of course we do not get by without any facts an figu­res, but we will not bury you under reports or strike you dead with infor­ma­tion, which nobody under­stands. We want to talk to you from human to human, because we believe that entre­pre­neurs want to be humans too.

You are greedy, unscru­pu­lous and inhumane?
Please go some­where else!